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Hey look, its 2012

So..I’m wiping the dust off my poor ignored Blog and my ramblings of 2011, to begin a new dialogue. Fear not, I’ll continue to keep it absolutely random, with everything from an ongoing discussion about local wineries to local eateries and events, my MMA … Continue reading

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Wineries in San Diego? really?

There’s this point in just about every conversation I have regarding wine in this town, where someone inadvertently blurts out that question that usually makes me take pause for a moment while I sip my Syrah and contemplate the most effective answer. “There are wineries … Continue reading

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THIS is San Diego Wine Country…

It’s been a long time coming but here we are. The elephant is out of the closet. Everyone knows there is a huge collection of wineries spread across the landscape of Temecula. It is a wine mecca in So-Cal, with … Continue reading

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Organic V Natural

On a wine label, the whole Wine May Contain Sulfites blurb sort of freaks out the amatuer wine drinker. As you probably know, wine sulfites, sulfite, also known as sulfur dioxide to get technical, is a preservative that both occurs naturally and … Continue reading

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