Facebook, not Facebook-Soapbox.

Sometimes you wonder what people’s motivations are for having a Facebook account, and…if they actually nurture, feed, water and maintain their accounts as they first intented.

To me its a scrapbook, a sharing center, a photo album, event posting, recipe sharing, breaking news kind of posting place. I keep it to family and close friends, it’s personal and real.  Where I retreat to when other social media is too big and open and fast paced.

So, why… if FB is my happy place to see my cousins new baby or catch up with old friends, do others find it ok to go on a political, religious, and otherwise socially innapropriate rant? I dunno…. but I’m over it.

I don’t care who you dont like, why you think we need a new president, plan, stumulus package or religion. Nor do I want to see you drunk at a nightclub, hanging on strangers, working out, showing your new muscle, or checking-in to the dry cleaners.  I want to know what you love, read, laugh and cry about, take photos of and dream of. I want to learn something new, share something too, make someones day, make someone smile. Life is too short for hate and soapboxes. get over and off them, pulleeez? The power of positive thinking is alive and well, lets use it… and save the hard messages for the people they’re about. PS…  they’re probably on their own soapbox right now too, and… just for the record, I’m getting off this one. Right about now.


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1 Response to Facebook, not Facebook-Soapbox.

  1. Nubian says:

    I deleted my FB account. It was the common denominator in too much drama. I unfortunately have yet to learn to walk away from ignorant comments. Baby steps.

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