Wearin o’ the Green…

A little green for thought.
Obviously, Green is the color strongly associated with St. Patrick’s Day, as evident in every cheesie Green felt hat, plastic shamrock shaped pair of sunglasses and sloganed tshirt associated and mass marketed with the holiday here in Americana. Don’t get me wrong, I celebrate my own Irishness with full flavor. A pint of Guinness and some soda bread will do my well today and I’m safely among the un-pinchable,  just in case.
For the rest of the year though, the color Green is associated primarily with the environment, money, inexperience, life, sickness and envy. A color of contradiction, really. A dichotomy. Fascinating, I’d say, considering on this one day, March 17th, we just associate it with all things Irish, whether we’re Irish or not,  and lets not forget, for avoiding the lethal pinch.
Green is so plentiful in the world that the human eye literally sees more green than any color. look outside your window, there it is, in the grass, the trees, the shine off the water, the reflection in your sunglasses. The salad I’m eating right now. The veggies you should be eating.
Moving inside the body, Green affects the human central nervous system, causing us to breathe slowly and deeply, helping the heart to relax by slowing the production of stress hormones.
So, why do we focus on one day of the year to wear this glorious paradoxical color that represents wealth and nature all in one fail swoop and decreases stress levels? Why don’t we wear more, eat more, see more and do more Green in the world? Envy and Nausea can take a backseat to the positive effects.  Maybe, herein lies the answer to saving the Earth, our money and our sanity? Lets throw down the gauntlet and get this color a little more face time. One day ain’t enough. Just forget your light-up, boingy, shamrock headband and green socks… that just makes you look like a moron. period. And Green beer? don’t get me started. Peace and Guinness to you. Éirinn go brách 🙂


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