Adventures in Chiropractics… part 2

This time, I go a reference from a couple of different friends on this one. Long story short, the office was normal, no strange admin lady, and no high pitched, loud opera being piped through the clinic. phew. vibrating chairs in the waiting room and Kung Fu Panda playing on a flat screen. already like it. 

I liked that it was a family business, father and son team, and just cute as a bugs ear. (I chose the son, of course 🙂

After some X rays, a short video (this time much more medically focused, not on how he could part the seas) Dr Rassel showed me on my Xrays how screwed up my spine is. FYI doc, I kinda knew that, just to let you know. I agreed to his treatment plan over the next few months, he didn’t throw me out like the last guy, and I liked the normalcy of the office and staff. Dr Rassel announced he would do an adjustment (I call it torture) right away to alleviate some of the pain I was feeling in my uber-pinched spine.

Yikes, hes really going to crack (adjust) me. so… I layed down on the table and after a few directions, pokes and deep pressure with his hands, he snapped my neck like a wish bone. or so it felt, ok.. I’m exaggerating. BUT… it was so loud it was shocking. He was even impressed. “Wow, Sam, you really need that” well, yes I did, no shit. But could I have some earplugs. thats pretty freaky. Longer story short, after one week, I can actually see my left shoulder <been difficult since a little teeny sparring injury in Karate>. I’m seeing Dr Feelgood a few times a week until we sort out all my twists and pinches, in the meantime, I feel like Jello and its awesome. Sold on Chiropractics. I haven’t had to pop one Tylenol or muscle relaxer or sinus pill since seeing him. He said the adjustments will help releive sinus pressure. Yay, because my neti pot is overworked and the pharmacy overvisited. Love it. It doesn’t hurt that the Chiro is handsome and charming, did I tell you that part? 😉


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2 Responses to Adventures in Chiropractics… part 2

  1. heaviation says:

    Very funny Sam and very colorful story. Oh wait this is a company blog that I am messing around with and using to comment you.

  2. Maren says:

    Hey – your cute chiropractor takes jiu-jitsu I believe. I think he was wrestling around with all the little kids at the Holiday part. Cute and cool.

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